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Meaning of Red Color in Home Decor and Interior Design

meaning of red color in interior design

In the traditional Indian context, the meaning of red color especially talks about the fecundity, abundance, and the divine bond between a married couple. To conjecture, this warm color is a symbol of love and romance.

Amongst the various colors of roses in nature, it is the red rose that is a clear denotation of romantic love towards someone. Deeming the millennial language, red heart emoji is more effective than a yellow or pink or blue or green rose.

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The color discusses more of our heart than the brain. Apart from the sentiments, it is a strong and cautionary shade, not as a warning but as a command to act.

This is how the red flag suggests us to terminate our actions and doings.

However, red is a beautiful color focusing on positive aspects like passion, strength, and liveliness.

Let us read on the significance and way you can compose red in home decor and interior design.

Shades And Meaning Of Red Color

Belonging to a warm color palette, Poster Red is a primary shade, independently beautiful and attractive.

Red merged with little quantity of yellow, black and white provides a range of gorgeous reds.

These include vermillion, crimson red, Maroon, Peach, wine red, cherry, apple, burgundy, rust-red, carmine red and many more.

These hues can make the world fulfilled with plentiful brilliance.

Red is peculiar of lust and romantic attributes.

Owing to its power to induce energy and excitement, the hue is specifically used to decorate your honeymoon suites at hotels.

At the same time, red is also a representation of luxury and elegance.

The term red carpet is a tokenistic attribute for upscale and upbeat celebrity-events. Red lipstick, red mail paints, red bindi on the forehead are a few of female beauty elements that stress on the cosmetic meaning of red color.

Last but not least, red is the color of blood.

Providing with life, strength, happiness, passion, and courage, red is unarguably a perfect shade to imbue it in our houses. Doubtless, to mention, the color will ensure pleasantness throughout the day – which itself reflects the true power and meaning of red color

Ways To Infuse Red In Your Homes

While we discuss how to welcome red in our dwellings, it is necessary to devise a practical plan for our interiors and smartly conclude the placements of red.

Although there are umpteen ways of home decor, the right choice subconsciously reflects our personality.

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Homes are about warmth and affection so it is extremely essential to color your home with the right selection of gradual shades.

To make a perfect interior design of your house, red can also become a great idea to decorate the exterior. Red bricks as walls or the pattern can be a cool rustic and raw approach to use and intensify the meaning of red color in your space.

Sparkle your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is the only space of the home where a lot of heat, dirt, energy manifests and settles on the rims, walls, and the surrounding furniture.

Red will help in making the correct way to balance the same.

In terms of appearance, red helps to camouflage the spread of dirt.

Red also delivers freshness to space, which is utmost needed after long hours of domestic tasks. Check out our  wall art inspiration  section 

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You can also combine red with other complementary shades, like either flat tones to cabinets doors or floral or geometric red flowers on a beige background.

Red undertones on the frames could be incorporated into creamy yellow window doors or walls.

Drawing and Bedrooms

The drawing room is also about flaunting your talent and belongings.

A bright red painting would easily adorn either a lavender, mellow yellow, or a baby pink expanse of wall. It would unassumingly catch the eyes of the visitors. This decoration projects the boldness and courageous attitude of the host.

Moreover, red could be infused in the patterns of the design. Bright reds like vermilion and crimson could be balanced by wine red and maroon to give a charming depth to this part of the house.

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A wine-red carpet with a black or a burnt umber design is a great idea to decorate the floor.

If you crazily love the color red, you could adorn the space with red cushions, red curtains and white walls. The combination of red and white is extravagant to the audience. It is a sheer symbol of grace and elegance.

Keeping it tender, planning the home decor using a warm color palette, which includes yellow, orange, and red hues could be a gentler approach toward the interior decoration. Chrome yellow wall, orange sofas with tiny red cushions are simple yet charming. Flat tones over patterned are also preferred by many homes.

Either keep it abstract or add meaning to the motifs you choose, but undoubtedly maintain the classiness that is inherent in red.

Impact Of Red In Home Decor

Red is indeed impactful.

From brightening our moods to making our sensations dull, it could either keep you high and or rarely low. But red is not about being average at all. Red puts us into a motivation-spree, it never gives up. Red delivers a soul with funds of energy and courage.

Colors are used for cognitive therapy.

And red is reportedly said to have affected blood pressure and respiratory rates. Thus, it thereby also helps in enhancing metabolism. A good metabolic rate keeps one alive and ever-ready to sustain the daily routine without increasing the levels of fatigue.

At the same time, red believingly improves the libido.

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Therefore, red is generally associated with lust and romance. Bride and groom attire are generally designed with maximum usage of red.

Although the red is well-equipped to fill the romantic ambiance in the rooms, if overdone it can be harmful. It can induce a strong emotional reaction which could put down the mood. It could bring restlessness and irritation while seeing for a longer duration. Planning décor of children’s room, red should be used in a way that it plays and stimulates the mind rather than being overtly displeasing.

In the end, home decor inspiration ideas are all about fine balance.

The meaning of the color red is all set to bring the same to your doorstep. Browse red wall art, prints, and decor


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